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Finally there's a healthy alternative to Marmite!

17 September 2014 17:54

Marmite and other yeast extracts have a healthy reputation for being a good source of B-vitamins and the vegetarian and vegan essential vitamin B12. But the problem is that these products are often so high in salt that it starts to outweigh the B-vitamin benefits. 

Salt check

With heart disease on the increase we all need to be finding ways to cut back on our salt intake. If you like to start your day with a couple of rounds of toast covered in the 'love it or hate it' brown stuff or if you snack on Twiglets or crackers and yeast extract then you could be well over the 4-6g recommended daily salt limit. Why is salt so bad for us? Salt contains sodium and if you end up with too much sodium in your blood stream then your body increases the amount of water in your blood stream as an attempt to dilute the sodium down. This extra water content ends up increasing your blood pressure which can trigger also sorts of damage and problems to your arteries, kidneys, eyes and organs. Keeping an eye on how much salt you eat is good advice for those worried about their blood pressure, heart health or cardiovascular disease. 

Yeast extract that's lower in salt

Traditional and familiar brands of yeast extract contain high levels of sodium glutamate. These brands produce yeast extract by hydrolisation - using hydrochloric acid to break down the outer shell of the yeast cell, followed by sodium hydroxide for neutralization - resulting in increased sodium chloride (salt) concentration.

Now there is a new brand of yeast extract from a food company called Essential’s and their yeast extract is made using an autolytic process - working with the natural enzymes in the yeast itself, reducing the salt content and making a much purer and more natural product. I recently tasted this new yeast extract and it had a really mellow flavour and there is even an organic yeast extract for those of us that want to follow a completely natural and ethical diet!

B-vitamin booster

Now you can enjoy a breakfast B-vitmain boost without the worry of eating too much salt. This is particularly good news for parents who often really on the salty brown spread for quick snacks and pack lunches. This low salt yeast extract is bursting with ‘good-for-you’ credentials and is packed full of protein and B-vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, and the Organic Yeast Extract contains B12 naturally). B-vitamins are vital for energy production, memory, mood, concentration and the cardiovascular system, making them essential nutrients for all stages of life!

Essential's Yeast Extract costs £2.95 for 125g and £5.20 for 225g and Essential's Organic Yeast Extract costs £7.55 for 150g from

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